“Onboarding, also known as organisational socialisation, refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours to become effective organisational members and insiders.” Often times organisations do not put enough time or effort into onboarding,  neglecting employees on their first week can have negative outcomes and employers fail to reap the benefits of a proper onboarding process. While savvy organisations have known this for a long time, a recent onboarding study found here revealed just how impactful effective onboarding can be.


Bonds with the Organisationn

Organisations that create an effective onboarding experience have employees who are more bonded to them in multiple ways:

They feel more committed to the organisation. Effective onboarding helps employees gain the tools and knowledge they need to be productive and happy in their roles. This investment in the employee, their experience, and their success could leave them more likely to feel committed.

They feel more connected to their coworkers. Oftentimes, effective onboarding involves getting-to-know you activities and training from coworkers. These efforts give new employees an opportunity to develop relationships that help them feel more embraced and connected.

They feel more integrated into their company culture. Integrating employees into company culture is absolutely crucial. If you care about maintaining your culture and values, all new employees should be well acquainted with them.


Increased confidence and abilities

Employees who experienced effective onboarding felt much more empowered to do their jobs:

They use their benefits at a higher rate. Onboarding is a perfect opportunity to give employees a deep explanation of their benefits that helps ensure they aren’t leaving any value on the table.

They feel more confident in their performance. Effective onboarding programs often involve deliberate job trainings that leave employees more able to perform independently.

They contribute more quickly. Onboarding effectively is a great way to get a quicker return on your hiring investment, as employees report that they’re able to contribute in less time.

They have more role clarity. Possibly because they have a better connection with their managers or receive better job training, employees who receive effective onboarding have a better idea of their role expectations.


Improved Employee Experience

Employees who receive effective onboarding also report higher levels of many employee experience elements:

They have better job satisfaction. Taking the time during onboarding to help employees see all the wonderful things about your organisation and their new role seems to make them like their job more.

They have better engagement rates. It’s much easier to be engaged in the work you’re doing if you feel invested in the organisation and able to perform your work well. Onboarding does both of these.

They feel more supported by their organisations. It’s no surprise that employees who feel their organisations provided an excellent onboarding experience feel more supported. Onboarding is all about employee support.





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