Recruiting new talent can be a daunting task, but having a proper recruitment strategy in place can help with not only ensuring good employee morale and overall happiness, but also boost employee retention. With no shortage of quality opportunities for job seekers, employers need a strong recruitment strategy to build an engaged workforce that will give your business a competitive advantage.


A strategic plan of action is critical to properly fulfil the staffing needs and desires of your business, leading to new business growth. To find and retain potential candidates, your business should focus on several proven elements in its recruitment process:

  • Developing a hiring strategy
  • Promoting your employer brand
  • Landing passive candidates
  • Integrating diversity and inclusion
  • Taking advantage of applicant tracking software


The following tips may be very useful for businesses looking to create a good recruitment strategy for growth:

  1. Analyze. Take a close look at your business needs as well as your goals and objectives.
  2. Identify. Know your long-term plans for expansion or reduction in staff, critical roles in the business, and any gaps that need to be filled. Be on the lookout for seasonal fluctuations in staffing requirements.
  3. Determine. Figure out the best recruitment method for your business. Job searches via social media are increasing, for example, so you could use this method to target candidates with specific skill sets.
  4. Secure. Provide a competitive salary and opportunities for personal growth within your business. According to a Citation survey, 13% of employers said salary is the most important factor in retaining employees.
  5. Establish. Choose and implement a method to measure results and test whether your strategy is working. Establish a training budget to develop and enhance your employees’ skills and knowledge.



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