Ambition to Employ is an Erasmus + project that aims to develop a new training model that will enable self-employed individuals to hire their first employee. This requires teaching the practical, legal and financial aspects of employment and sustainable business growth, but also applying new insights into overcoming the psychological barriers and risks involved.

Objective of the Curriculum

The Ambition to Employ Curriculum and OERs constitute our new training model and are designed to equip VET organizations to adopt a systematic and effective approach to training solo entrepreneurs on how to hire their first employee. The specific objectives are to:

  • Raise the awareness of VET trainers regarding the knowledge and skills, as well as the objective and subjective barriers which inhibit self-employed entrepreneurs from hiring an employee.
  • Provide VET trainers with high quality materials for both teaching and assessment, to facilitate the rapid integration of the model/resources into their training programmes

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Overall learning objectives

More and more individuals are turning to self-employment in response to economic and labour market trends so there is a growing audience for the OERs across Europe.  The “open” nature and flexibility of our resources (they can be used mix + match style) increase the accessibility of the content. The resources are aimed directly at entrepreneurship training providers, they could also be used by private consultants or as part of business courses in colleges and universities.  They are designed for use in classroom learning sessions or for small group or one-on-one coaching, but as open resources, their final use depends on the creativity of the trainers themselves. The course also benefits with use of the E-book and Trainers Guide. Specifically, participants will acquire the following knowledge and skills:

Module 1- When is the time rightIntroduction into understanding your readiness to hire your first employee

Module 2- The RoleThis module will focus on the components that makes up your first employee’s role that will have a transformative impact on you and your business.

Module 3- What resources will you need? This module will help you identify the true costs of taking on your first employee and equip you to plan for same.

Module 4- The process, attracting talent- This module focuses on upskilling your recruitment processes from using recruitment as marketing opportunity to shortlisting, Interviewing, Red tape, Employment contracts

Module 5- Managing Talent Employee? You will learn new skills to value, manage and retain talent as we cover important content.

Module 6- Building a team (of two +) You will learn that talent is a rapidly increasing source of value creation in even the smallest business where people are really the only true competitive advantage of a micro business.