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The seven secret questions that every new employer secretly asks themselves- by Susan Hayes Culleton-The Positive Economist

On Tuesday 28th July, I  had the opportunity to share some of my early experiences of taking on our first employees. Sometimes I had to cringe telling stories of the mistakes I made and other times I reflected on just how much I had to learn. I had secret worries, fears and dreams at the

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Join our Ambition to employ Multiplier Event!

Join our Ambition to Employ Multiplier Event! It is a free online event, taking place from 2pm-5pm on Tuesday 28th July. For any solo entrepreneurs, business agencies or those with a keen interest in business/economics growth, then this is the event for you! To listen to the expertise and insight of our fantastic guest speakers

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Taking on an employee for the first time. 4 things you must get right

Taking on your first employee can feel daunting, it is a big decision for many business owners. However, at some stage it becomes the next step for taking your business to the next level. There are a few things that you should do in preparation for taking on your first employee.   Before you employ

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Dunkirk spirit..”Our greatest asset is our people”

Dunkirk spirit: "Stoicism and determination in a difficult or dangerous situation, especially as displayed by a group of people." Many companies have experienced this for the first time in their lifetime throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, difficult circumstances have brought out the best in many teams and have made many managers and leaders appreciate the strength

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How is Covid 19 changing the face of recruitment processes?

Coronavirus is changing how businesses attract and hire great employees. Charles Hipps, Founder and CEO of Oleeo, looks at how the recruitment process is having to adapt to COVID-19 and discusses the opportunities and challenges posed by the pandemic. Businesses have had to scramble to adjust to new social distancing and lockdown measures, and move

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